This hand woven and hand dyed twisted shrug is made from tencel. The sizing for the shrugs is generally one size fits all though this particular one is small. 


The  fibers were dyed using a technique called snow dyeing. Snow dyeing is a technique to create fabulous color combinations. The yarn is presoaked in soda ash, laid out in a bin and is then covered with a layer of snow (crushed ice works). Three different colors of powdered dye is scattered on top of the snow. As the snow melts, the dye does it magic to the yarn creating many wonderful colors. 


Tencel® yarns are a member of the rayon family, but offer enhanced strength, durability and moisture absorption, making these yarns great for warm weather garments. With a softness you'll come to love, Tencel® yarns are perfect for items worn close to the skin.


Twisted Shrug

  • These shrugs can be washed in the machine using cold water and the gentle cycle. Hang them to dry (can shrink in dryer) and steam press.

  • This item maybe returned with prior authorization. The buyer pays for return shipping.