This rug was woven using old sheets of a cotton / poly blend. The sheets were dyed as a by product of snow dyeing yarns for garments. The size is 24" by 46". The edge has been hemmed.

Snow dyeing is a technique to create fabulous color combinations. The sheets are presoaked in a soda ash which helps the dye to be color fast. They are laid out in a bin with the yarn to be dyed on top. The yarn is then covered with a layer of snow (crushed ice works). Three different colors of powdered dye is scattered on top of the snow. As the snow melts, the dye does it magic to the yarn creating many wonderful colors.  The sheets on the bottom soak all the excess dye creating colorful material.

Rag rugs in pastels

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  • Machine wash in cold water. Hang to dry or in the dryer on cooler temperature

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